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Continuous learning & agility towards change in mind

I’m a senior software engineer, but also a technology enthusiast and used to be a Visual FX artist. I prefer to work with new technology including system, platform, software and even hardware. Enjoy building ux-focused apps, designing distributed systems and defining process for continuous delivery.

I’m also working as a freelancer in mobile design and development, while seeking for oppoturnities in EdTech, FinTech & HealthTech with mobile-first products.

Glad to see you at:

My Experiences

  • Experienced with Mobility platforms, including iOS, Android, iOS and old, but shiny Symbian, Meego, etc.
  • Experienced with Javascript frameworks and toolchains, including Node, Angular & React.
  • Experienced with DevOps stack, CI/CD, containerization, automation, orchestration engines, configuration management softwares & cloud platforms including AWS, GCP & Azure.
  • Experienced with image processing as well as augmented reality in mobile computing.
  • Experienced with animation, motion graphics and visual effects in both develop and design environment.


You can catch me and my team at nhdiep1412@gmail.com or diep@awpspace.net.

Visit our site at https://awpspace.net and our blog at https://codentrick.com.